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common growth community garden


We are an assembly of 13 multi-disciplinary creatives who are building an inspiring and educational hub for the community of Deptford.

food not bombs

Bexley/Lewisham/Dartford Food Not Bombs is a group of volunteers who take good quality within-date food which would have been thrown away by businesses, cook it up, and distribute it to homeless hostels and day centres. We formed as an idea in early February 2010, and since then have expanded faster than I possibly dreamed. We collect food from Kelsey's Farm, Ruxley Farm Shop and Swanley Bakery (Sidcup and Swanley branch), and then cook and serve it up at St Mungo's Pagnell Street, a homeless hostel near New Cross station, and at Broadway Manor Place near Kennington. On no budget we...

sanford housing co-op

Sanford is the oldest purpose-built housing co-op in London. Founded in 1973 by a group of enthusiasts, it was turned from a wasteland into a cosy, green and welcoming environment. At any one time there are about 125 tenant-members living in 14 houses and a block of flats.

new cross poetry workshop

The workshop takes place every Thursday from to 6pm at the Madison Express Coffee Shop (in the garden if the weather is good) and is open to everybody, from experienced poets to curious people, it is suitable for all ages and encourages the use of all languages. You can share with others your poetry or poetry you like, or just come along and engage in enjoyable discussions. There is no competition here, no pressure to produce or perform. Poetry and a poetic register shape the encounter of locals and their discussions about poetry, radical politics and everyday life.

New Cross Learning (Library)

New Cross Learning (formerly known as the New Cross People’s Library) is a community-run space offering a library service and a bookshop as well as a wide range of learning activities, from language exchanges to poetry workshops. New Cross Learning provides free computer/internet use, Wifi, newspapers and magazines. Use the library and tell us what you think in the comments book, you can donate books, volunteer to work in the library, put on a workshop or event, get involved in fundraising or come along to the monthly general meeting (first monday of every month 7pm in the library) – everyone...

New Cross Cutting

New Cross Gate Cutting / Brockley Nature Reserve is a space along the New Cross Gate Railway where a forest is taken care of by a group of volunteers. Cuts for the Cutting: in this case as well the government is cutting the funding, and this amazing forest in the middle of New Cross opens just a few hours a month, thanks to people volunteering their time: it is open every second Saturday of the month from 10.30am to 3pm. The forest might give the impression of growing “naturally” but in fact it needs a great deal of care to live as a balanced microsystem rich of many varieties of plants,...


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